Rainy Lake Days

Posted from Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

 As I’ve moved West the rain has increased. Not a constant rain just gray and drizzl but supposedly the west side of the island is the rainy side. I decided to stay another night at Lake Rotoiti. I took a few short hikes. Even in the drizzle it was really nice.       

  The next day (Tuesday) was even rainier. I loaded up my things, packed everything away so it wouldn’t rattle, and said my mantra as I started to drive. Stay left, stay left, stay left. There’s also look right, look right, look right when I come to an intersection. It was much rainier today as I headed toward Hokitika on the west coast. John and given good advise to drive noire than 4 hours in a day. I took that advise and kept all of my drive to 3 hours. In Hokitika I bought groceries. It was a cute little town but I skipped cruising knowing if be back. I drove the short distance to Lake Kaniere.   


There was another DOC campground. This one was a series of terraces looking down on the lake. There are really no designated sites you just pull up and stop. It was still a bit rainy and there were only 2 or 3 other campers.


After picking my spot I drive down to the lakes edge for apples. The rain had stopped and there was blue openings in the clouds. It was very quiet and very nice.