Salmon, Sushi, Sun and Sky

Today was a kind of surprise day. Full of activities that I didn’t see coming.  We had a nice start to the day in our cottage then packed up for our journey back home (the house in Timaru). We decided we needed to see/get more salmon so we headed to a different salmon farm to see what they had. This one let us feed the salmon. We would throw the provided pellets into the water and the salmon would very quickly dart to the top, grab the food and disappear. It made taking pictures very difficult. 

We decided to be brave and we purchased discount salmon sushi for a mid morning snack (what could go wrong with that plan?). But it actually was very delicious. 

We also bought salmon fillets for a future dinner and some salmon chorizo. 

We then started the drive home. Along the way we took a short detour up a small mountain to an observatory with a spectacular cafe. We could see out in all directions to amazing views. There were 5 or 6 observatory buildings and a glass cafe with great toasties and cake. Pure heaven (and we felt pretty close to heaven). 

After a delicious lunch we headed back home. It was nice to be back in Timatu. One of the highlights of this house is a great backyard hot tub. So we had pupus and hard Apple cider while having a soak. 

Later we had a great Indusn dinner before calling it a night.