Day 44 – Logoso to Finesterre

Posted from Fisterra, Galicia, Spain.

(This will be my final post for the Camino de Santiago. After today I’ll spend the next view days returning to being a traveler/tourists. I may post a few pictures from London but I’ll rest my tired typing finger from posts.)

Like so many days on this journey the day started with a great sunrise. It will be another amazing day.


After a nice breakfast I headed down the trail. It was a great path through thin forests. At one point I looked back and the sun was coming up directly behind me in the east. I knew that meant my path forward to the west was the right one.


Before long I came to a fork in the road. I had to chose between Muxia and Finesterre. I chose Finisterre.


The path continued through pine trees passing a couple of ancient churches. Off in the distance I could see a marine layer but no sea. Finally I came over a rise and could see the ocean.



The path continued down to the town of Cee. A cute place on a small inlet. The path continued along above the rocky shore. Finally after teasing me with nice views I came down to the waters edge. Before me was a white sand beach reaching toward Finesterre.


I took off my shoes and walk into the cool water. I’d made it across Spain to the Atlantic Ocean.


I walked about 2km in my bare feet carrying my pack walking in the water. It felt wonderful. At the end of the beach I was at Finisterre. I dried my feet put on my shoes and walked into town. As I got above the beach I could see how clear and pretty the water was.


I went to the municipal albergue and received another compestella and my final stamp in my credential. My camino was over.

Lorraine had told me of a place she’d heard was nice one so I headed to the Hotel Lopez. A little old lady walked me from floor to floor and room to room so I could chose a room . Finally on the 3rd floor she showed me a room with a double bed and an amazing view. This was the one. I asked “Cu├ínto es”. I thought her response was 50 but could have been 60. A bargain either was so I said Si. She told me to rest and come pay later (at least that’s what I thought she said). Later I went down to retrieve my passport and pay the bill. She slid the invoice toward me. Not 50…not 60….if was 20!!!! I may move here.


I went to the store and bough a San Miguel beer. I walked up the hill and down the other side to the end of the earth. The sun was slowly sinking into the sea.


I sat and watched it drop into the ocean. Like countless pilgrims before me back though the ages I sat and wondered what was out there.


Last December while on vacation with Carolyn we went to Larrabee State Park. About 6 weeks earlier I’d watched the movie The Way and decided I was going to do the camino. I’d done some basic research and knew that the scalloped shell was the sign of the camino. While there at Larrabee I found a shell and picked it up. Not sure what it was for but knew I’d use it.

Last July while traveling with Carolyn and Emily in France we went to Vezeley. This is actually a popular starting place for the camino. As we walk along I saw the scalloped shell in the sidewalk. It was marking the start of the way from Vezeley. I took a picture standing over the shell which is the picture at the top of this blog.

I carried that shell from Washington all across Spain. Today when I reached the ocean I placed it on the beach, stood above it a took another picture. Later as I stood on the beach watching the sunset I picked up a new scalloped shell and put it in my pocket. As the sun set on the horizon I thought of all the people I know and love far off in the west. As the sun went down I threw the Washington shell into the ocean. It had traveled from the east side of the Atlantic Ocean to the east side of the Pacific ocean. Quite the journey. Just like mine.


Buen Camino