Day 9 – Logrono to Ventosa

Posted from Ventosa, La Rioja, Spain.

I’ll keep it short today. I lost (left) my iPhone charger so power is now precious. I borrowed a charger today when I arrived so got a full charge and can hopefully buy a replacement tomorrow. Today started in the city and went through the city streets to the outskirts. I had trouble at times finding the markers. The path went through many parks and by a lake where I stopped for coffee. Next came the countryside walking through the vineyards of La Rioja. I met several interesting people today including a young Spanish fellow that was an airplane jet mechanic. I decided on a shorter walk today and stopped in Ventosa at a cute albergue. It is all new people that I don’t know from all over the place. I’ve bought bread, cheese, olives, soup and wine to eat in tonight. The albergue has a kitchen. It was a great day and the little village is a nice change after Logrono. As I walk around I saw an old couple roasting red peppers, an old guy shucking walnuts (they have a green hull around the shell) and another old guy spreading out almonds (still in the husk) to dry in the sun. This was about all the activity in this small town. It was very nice. Hopefully I’ll find a charger tomorrow (the lady at the albergue said there was a Chinese store in the next town with everything). If I go dark for a few days don’t worry.








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