Day 6 – Obanos to Ayegui

Posted from Ayegui, Navarre, Spain.

During the night I woke and saw lightening and heard the rain. In the morning it was still raining so it was time to prepare for wet. I have a rain jacket and a cover for my pack. The rain was a steady drizzle. Left about 7:30 and started walking. The air was cool and as the started it was gray and wet. I walked to the next town and went through a great old town and crossed a bridge across the river.


The path went through small villages, farm land, vineyards, and olive groves.




I met up with Martin and Jane from the UK and with Halley from Edmonton Canada. We walk for a while talking then stop in a small village for a light lunch.


I left and walked alone for awhile. It was still cloudy but no rain. It was cool and walking felt good, unlike yesterday when the warm temperature made me tired. I decided to take a detour from the path that went up to the ruins of an alburgue from the 1500’s. As I was stopping for a drink Martin, Jane and Halley came up. Martin asked if he could go and we detoured away sending Jane and Halley forward to meet up later at an albergue. Once off the main path there were no other pilgrims. Martin and I told each other about our journeys until we got to ruins.

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It was very cool to think that pilgrims had stayed here hundreds of years ago.