Day 11 Cañas to Grañon

Posted from Villarta, La Rioja, Spain.

I slept late this morning and then stayed in bed until 7:45. I headed down for my 8:00 breakfast. One table was set…for me. The bar was closed and the same lady that took my beer order in the afternoon, took my dinner order in the evening and cooked my dinner was in the kitchen. I took my seat. There were peaches, apples, oranges and grapes. She brought cheese, meat, bread, jam, juice and the most wonderful coffee con leche. It was wonderful. I had the place to myself!!



I went back upstairs packed and went down to check out. She wrote up the bill for the room, dinner with a bottle of wine and breakfast… €34.00. A bargain. She stamped my credential (pilgrim passport) walked me to the door with a big smiles said Buen Camino. It made me realize I hadn’t left the camino at all, I’d only left the marked path. The camino is not the path but the way.

The vineyards are now gone and I walked through farmland and reconnected with the path.


As I passed through the town of Santo Domingo I saw several nice piece of art representing the camino.


After the town I met up with 3 ladies, 2 I’d met before. I walk with them for the next few km. The young woman, Halley was from Canada. She worked to monitor the reclamation of oil fields after they were finished. She was very interested in immigration in Texas. We got to Grañon, they continued, I decided to stop. The albergue here is in the church up in the attic. Instead of beds we have pallets on the floor. The price is donativo (by donation) and includes a communal dinner (that we help cook) and breakfast. We make dinner, go to mass, eat, have a prayer and go to bed. Sounds like a blast. If I don’t get to tell the details tonight I’ll do it tomorrow.




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  1. Your comment that “the camino is not the path but the way” gave me chills. Nicely said. Tonight’s albergue looks like a student co-op with the group dinner and sleeping pads; should be fun! I am interested to read about the experience with your fellow pilgrims making dinner, attending mass, then all going to sleep at the same time…like kindergarten nap time.

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