Day 8 – Los Arcos to Logrono

Posted from Logroño, La Rioja, Spain.

Though the room was small I had my best sleep yet. And a bonus was the albergue provided a great breakfast. Coffee, hard boiled eggs, juice, cereal with bananas, bread with jam and Nutella and homemade coffee cake. I ate well unlike yesterday. I set off at 7:30, my new favorite time. There were a few pilgrims out but not many. The morning was cool and the sun was rising.



The path moved through gently rolling farm land. At one point I came upon some men spreading nets under trees to harvest something. I thought it was olives but it turned out to be almonds.



The path continued. It was really a nice day. The sky was clear but it was cool with a light breeze. I used my gps to learn how long it took me to walk one km (I’m trying to move beyond miles). I walk a mm in about 11 minutes or 1250 steps. As I walked I came to an area where pilgrims and made little rock cairns with messages and mementos.



The walk was long today and I walked through the suburbs for a while before arriving in the city. The path is well done to avoid to much roadway, somehow winding through pathways and delivering me to the old city. The municipal albergue is 3 stories with several rooms of 24 beds each.



At 4:00 I walked around the old town, it was dead like something from an apocalypse movie. I went back and rested. At 6:45 I went again, the streets were alive. People walking, street performers, food stalls … The place had come alive, the Spanish take there siesta time very seriously.

Walked 28.9 km
51903 stepsa

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  1. You are rocking the km’s! What do you think about as you walk 29km? Do you chat with others? Just cruise appreciating the views? Worry about where you are going to sleep at night? Think philosophy?

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