Day 7 – Ayegui to Los Arcos

Posted from Los Arcos, Navarre, Spain.

Two things from yesterday: First we crossed a bridge that marked the 100km mark.


Second there was a bodega that provides a free wine tap to pilgrims. Martin and I passed it in the evening but it was dry. So this morning at 8:00 I passed again and partook in a bit.


The albergue last night was different. It was after the other places and was in a community center complete with a euro handball court. The bunks were downstairs and not very full. I snagged a bed in the corner with no one around. I slept pretty good. I left about 7:30 but there was no coffee and no towns near. It was my first coffee free day in a long time. I took another alternate path that went higher for great views with very few pilgrims. Once rejoining the other path we continued through rolling pastures and vineyards. It was a great walk. The weather was overcast , cool with a nice breeze.



After a relatively short day I arrived at Los Arcos, a cute small village.


I selected a private albergue with 3 bunks in each small room (but they provide a breakfast!!).


I’ve been craving fresh vegetables so I went to the small square and had a great salad.


While sitting there I saw other pilgrims that would stop to chat. I skipped dinner tonight and visited with one of the crazy Irishmen from a few nights ago. The weather seems to have turned cool. I had to put the legs back on my shorts and break out my light jacket. The night was clear so tomorrow may be sunny and hot. All is well.

20.4 km
32185 steps

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Ayegui to Los Arcos

  1. You are starting to crank out some miles; 14 miles today and 18 yesterday! Perhaps you could have made 18 miles today if you hadn’t stopped to drink free wine at 8:00 am in the morning! Just saying. :)

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