Happy Bastille Day

Today the weather cleared the sun came out and France celebrated the overthrow of King Louis. So we started the day with the French military fly over that went directly over out apartment. Very cool.



We then went to see King Louis’ former residence, the Louvre. Since it was Bastille Day it was free and a few thousand people joined us for the tour. However we outsmarted all of them. While they waited in an hour long line, we went to a seldom used entrance and were literally the only three people there. It was great. We then joined the throngs for our tour.




We had a leisurely stroll home along the Seine and after resting went and sat in the square in front of the Pompidou. We listened to an histerical Asian guy with a guitar butcher several American pop songs.


The grand finale were fireworks over the Eiffel tower. We went down and stood in the street with the crowd along the Seine. They went on for 35 minutes. Even at a distance they were wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Happy Bastille Day

    • Actually that was the entry that was about an hour. I found a new entry, the Lions Gate. Not a single person. We just walked in. It was in the same wing as the French and Italian paintings so easy access to Mona.

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