Today we started our day at the Woodrow Wilson market where we bought salmon and salad delicious Mediterranean lunches.


Later we headed up to Montmarte and Sacre Cour including a visit to the busy square of artists.



In the evening we crowded onto our tiny balcony for appies overlooking Paris.




We ended the day with our delicious dinner from the market and a stroll along the Seine under a full moon.



2 thoughts on “Market

  1. Only three more full days, and so far no museums; that kid needs some of that culture stuff! I loved the photos of pupus on the lanai. Who is doing most of the interactions with shop keepers?

    Today is the finals for the World Cup, the family is split between Germany and Argentina. However, Argentina wins out, since I assume Julia would root for them along with Sarah and I.

    My recommendation of the day is takeout pizza on the lawn of the Champs de Mars gazing at the Eiffel Tower.

    • We have done some cultural activities. Saw some art at the Petite Palace yesterday. Spent several hours at the Pompidou today and plan to see the Louvre tomorrow (on free Bastille Day!!). I hear shouting outside, I’m guessing the World Cup has been decided. I hope it’s Argentina.

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