We decided that today was the day we would conquer the catacombs. We tried this with Sadie several years ago but could not handle the lines. Today we were there at 9:00 for the 10:00 opening. I would estimate we were about 100 people from the front. They let 200 in at a time. The prospects looked good.



10:00 arrived, no movement. 10:15 about 10 people appeared to enter. Slowly about every 15 minutes a few more people would enter. We were near the entrance. The line now snaked about 400 people behind us. Finally at 11:00 we made it to the door. We entered and once we were underground saw very few people. Definitely worth the wait (sorry Sadie, we’ll do it next time we’re in a Paris).





We then went to Bon Marche, another food heaven (and one of Carolyn’s favorites). We got wonderful sandwiches and quiches then headed to a nearby park for lunch.



We then walked through the Hotel Invaldes, across the “Adele Bridge”, bought more food and headed home.


2 thoughts on “Catacombs

  1. So cool that you were able to go see the catacombs. I swear, the politically correct people are going to shut that place down someday. Is the weather cool? In your pictures everyone is wearing long sleeve shirts and jackets. Amazing in July.

    Did you hear that TSA is checking personal electronic devices leaving from Paris? If you are not able to turn on the device, they will either take it away from you or not let you on the plane. !In other words, your devices all need to have power and be able to work.

    • Yes it is cool but suppose to warm as the week goes on. I did see the TSA rules change. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out. We’ll make sure and charge everything.

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