Rain, rain, falls, falls, fondue

Today the rain we’d been expecting for the last two days finally arrived. It was a slow steady drizzle with the clouds rolling off the sides of the valley. The upside was that we had many new waterfalls to view from our back patio.


We decided it was a good day for a boat tour. We headed out and caught a train down to Interlaken. We boarded a boat and headed out onto Lake Brienz.



At Giessbach we got off and took a funicular up to an old hotel next to a huge waterfall. We took a short hike that went behind the falls. The rain had made the waterfall roar. Between the rain and the falls we were pretty wet.





We hiked back down to the shore and reboarded the boat to the end of the lake. The waters were an amazing blue color. We had lunch in a warm cafe with wonderful soup and salad and a shared pizza. We then headed on the train back home.



After a short rest (ie a one hour nap) Emily and I decided to hike up to the waterfall behind our house. Because of all the rain the falls were running large and the hike was very wet. The hike went up a tunnel in the rock with the falls pouring down.




We concluded the day with a good old Swiss fondue. We totally enjoyed the experience, though I’m not sure the meal will rate in the top 10.


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