Châtillon-sur-Seine and Fontennay

Today we again enjoyed coffee before heading out around 10:00. Our destination was Châtillon-sur-Seine about 50 minutes away. It was a nice drive through the rolling French countryside. The town was larger than expected and we drove about a bit before finding the museum that contained the Vix treasures (google for additional information). At 12:00 they kicked us out of the museum (in the smaller French towns they enjoy a 2 hour respite each day). We then went and found where springs fed water into the Seine.


Afterward we found a small boulangerie and got some quiche and sandwiches. We ate in the park then walked through the old town up to a 1600’s fortificatio that was converted into a cemetery with great views over the town.


We then headed to the Fontenay Abbey. This was a favorite of me and Carolyn from the last trip. It is a beautiful Abby, with wonderful gardens. We enjoyed the sites and even had a little fun.




After heading back home we enjoyed appies on the patio.


Afterward we recreated a local delicacy, Steak Epoisses made with the worlds stinkiest cheese. We ate it all though the reviews were somewhat mixed.



Another great day.

4 thoughts on “Châtillon-sur-Seine and Fontennay

  1. Didn’t Carolyn bring some of that stinky cheese on our canal boat? As I recall, it was chucked overboard after an appropriate amount of time. I think she is still sore about it. :)

    • Yes, Carolyn and I recounted the same experience. Our memory is the “appropriate amount of time” was about 30 seconds. The cheese is still way stinky but delicious.

  2. Did you realize that France plays Germany in the World Cup semi finals on July 4th? It will be HUGE in France; try to go somewhere and participate in the viewing.

    • Yes, I saw that France won. We’ve seen no evidence of World Cup mania. Maybe we’ll go look for a bar showing the game on Friday.

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