Our flight was long but we all had leg room so it wasn’t to bad. France seems to like Emily better than England. They let her right through customs without a problem. Baggage collection was a little more dicey. Carolyn and my bags came up quickly but Emily’s was no where to be seen. Finally one of the last bags. Then it was off to the RER into Paris and we caught the express train to Dijon. After a nice sandwich time for some rest. At. 300 km/hr will be there soon.




3 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Lovely first entries. The pictures are very sharp, the blog looks great. My only complaint is you do not have a “follow” or “subscribe” option. I think you can add it in as an option on your meta (or something like that).

  2. My followers have requested and I have provided (maybe). I think there is now a subscribe link on the right hand side.

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