A nice little side trip

Posted from Holzhäusern, Canton of Zug, Switzerland.

Andreas, my host, has been a great source of good ideas of places to visit.  He recommended that I visit Isenfluh to see a nice little town and have a nice hike.  To get there you catch a small bus that leaves from Lauterbrunnen.  It is only about 15 minutes away.  On the way the little bus enters a narrow tunnel, the tunnels spirals up and up.  It probably made three 360 circles.  The road was very narrow I’m not sure what would happen if you came to a person coming down, luckily we didn’t find out.

Once in Isenfluh there was a cable car up the mountain.  This was a very small cable car supposedly it holds 6 people or 1 cow.  It is so small that there is no operator.  There are instructions (luckily in English) telling you which buttons to push.  I loaded in (alone) pushed the button and started up.

DSCN4556 IMG_1166 IMG_1171

The car quickly climbed above the little village offering a great view.

IMG_1169 DSCN4554 DSCN4552

From the top I took a hike to Grutschalp.  The signs are always in time not distance.  I have found that in general my times are longer that the ones listed.  Probably because I feel obliged to rest at every bench that I come to on the trail.


At one point the trail went down through a small farm.  The cows all had on their bells that were ringing in harmony making for a very nice sound.

DSCN4560 DSCN4561

The trail continued down and past a nice waterfall.

DSCN4566 IMG_1180 IMG_1181

It was a really nice hike.  I am in debt to Andreas for the great suggestions that he made, I definitely saw things I would have missed otherwise.

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