Posted from Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

I arrived in Auckland and made my way down town. I’d  rented an apartment in the CBD (central business district). It turned out to be great. It is on the 30th floor with nice views over the city and harbor. It is located a few blocks from the waterfront. Auckland is a nice downtown. Lots of restaurants, people, waterfront activities, ferries, yachts… I like living the city life even if just for a while. The building is very nice but I never see anyone. Rather odd.       

The views are great. With beautiful  sunrises and sunsets. 

I’ve enjoyed my time here though really I didn’t do much. I walked around town, walked all along the water front and wandered the really beautiful University of Auckkand campus.     

Next week is Anzac Day which commemorates the service of Australia and New Zealand during WW I. I saw several displays related to that day. Below us a cross for each Aucklander killed in the war.    

A recreation in an alleyway of a WW I battle trench. These guys were there all day.   
  I ate good meals, I drank good wine, I rented DVDs (some good some bad) and enjoyed myself. 

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