Arthurs Pass

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Arthurs pass is the major east west passage from Cheustchurch to the west coast. I booked two nights at a great little RV park just before the pass. I didn’t know what to expect but was very surprised by the beautiful mountains and valleys. On my full day there I took a long hike that went to several waterfalls and had great views up into valleys. I learned that the rain from yesterday had put the snow up in the mountains just last night.            

  • I spent my second night at the RV park (they even had DVDs to check out). The next morning I started up again and when I got to where my hike had been everything was covered in snow. Even though it hadn’t  rained at the RV park it had snowed here. My drive continued fot about 35-40 miles through valleys with unbelievable mountain views. Snow was all along the way. From 1-5 inches. Luckily the roads were clear.          

It was an amazing drive. I arrived at Chtistchurch to return the RV. Without checking  anything a very nice lady loaded me into her car and delivered me to the airport for my trip to Auckland. 

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