Camping, Tramping and Glamping

I slept well (and long, 10 hours) and got up around 8:00 once there was enough light to see. I went down to the dining area and had my less than delicious breakfast, oatmeal, dried fruit, crackers, jam and instant coffee. I hit the trail about 10:30 after a short hike along Lake Howden. 

 For the first hour I didn’t see anyone and finally passed a few people going the other way (I was actually doing the hike backwards of most people). Before long I arrived at Earland falls. I sat and enjoyed them while having a snack, 

The hike this   Was a gradual climb of about 3 hours long mainly through the beech tree forests with a few views out.  As I got higher the views got more impressive. 


 Finally I arrived at Lake McKenzie my stop for the night. I could see the roof top of the hut as I arrived. When I got in front I was surprised to see a nice building. Inside I could see lots of lights (last night we had 2 solar lights that were only on from 7:30-10:00). Here at 2:00 in the afternoon I could see lots of lights on. Something wasn’t right. Turns out I was seeing the luxury  hut for the fancy people. The glampers (glamorous campers). While I’m paying $50 for a night, these people are paying $500. That night the Hut Warden talked with disdain about the leather chairs, fancy wine, 3 course meal and a PowerPoint show of the area that the glampers got. 

So I continued a bit further to the accommodations for the trampers (my group). While not the same as the glampers this building was nicer than last nights. I was the first to arrive since mist of the trampers were coming from a hut ) hours away.  


This hut was nicer than last nights. Larger also. This hut sleeps 48 and was fully booked for the night. The cooking and eating area wee very nice.  


The sleeping area was another story. Luckily j had arrived first. There were two bunk areas. The first was upstairs. On one side was 12 single bunks. I snagged a bottom bunk on the end.  


But across from these were 12 matts lined up one after another. Auttke close for my comfort.  


But this wasn’t the best (or worst). I went to the other bunk house and there were four bunk beds. But each was 4 pads across. I can’t imagine climbing up and getting over to the 4th spot. And getting up in the middle if the night would be s nightmare.  


After securing my precious single bunk I went fot a walk along the lake (later I took a bath in the lake….cold).  


I went and checked out the camping area. It was a covered area but I think it would be a find dark cold night spent here.  


To make matters worse the campers were not allowed to come to the trampers hut to cook or enjoy the hot wood stove. Just like the trampers weren’t allowed to visit the glampers hut. A real class system (just like Downton Abby). 

I continued along a hike to Split Rock. It was an amazingly huge rock with a giant split in the middle. I can’t imagine the geologic event that caused this split.  


I made my way back to the hut where other trampers had arrived. It had been a cold day but the sun came out in the late afternoon. Everyone sat on the front pourch enjoying the sun.  


Later I made my dinner of venison and noodles. It wasn’t very good (3/5 camping stars) compared to last nights     Morrocan lamb stew (5/5). I went to bed about 9:30. I was glad I wasn’t a camper out in the cold. I was glad I wasn’t a trampers on the mattress assembly line. And I wondered what the glampers were having for desert. 

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  1. That sleeping arrangement makes the Milford Lodge quad look luxurious! I like the new profile picture, excellent update photo.

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