Day 43 – Negreira to Logoso

Posted from Dumbría, Galicia, Spain.

Today was another amazing weather day. High clouds this morning clear skies this afternoon. Everyone keeps commenting on how unusual this is.


The walk today was really nice. There were very few people, the trails were varied through farmland, forest , hills and flat areas.


I’ve seen lots of mushrooms along the way. All very different.


I noticed in this area the horreos are very different. They are made from rocks instead of wood or bricks.


I had a very long walk today. I think if was about 35 km, one of my longer ones. All day the huge windmills were in the distance. Toward the end of the day they I actually got to them.


After talking to several pilgrims I have altered my plans. I’m going to bypass Muxia and head straight to Finisterre. Word is the walk from this direction is great and will be missed from Muxia. So tonight is my last albergue and tomorrow my final walk. I’ll spend a couple of days in Finesterre then go back to Santiago for a couple of days. After 32km I was unhappy with the albergue and decided to go a bit further. The final 4 km were great. Above a river. Windmills nearby. Green. Cool. Very nice.



The choice to move on was good. The final albergue is small (only 7 people tonight). It has great views into the valley. It is quiet, clean and they even provide a towel (a first). Had one more peregrino meal of Galicia soup, fish, fries, desert and wine. I dined with a Canadian and a couple from Idaho and San Diego (not sure how that works). We finished dinner with a drink called liquor of herbs. Delicious.


I have a hotel reservation tomorrow night so I’ll try and take the final walk slowly. It is suppose to be another great weather day (but rain is coming).

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  1. Getting close to the end! I google earthed Finisterre and saw what looks to be a great lighthouse at the tip of a very rough looking peninsula. The town has a long white sand beach and a very large marina and There is also a white sand beach on the side of the peninsula facing the Atlantic. Looks like a neat area for exploring. Have fun on these last few days.

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