Day 42 – Santiago to Negreira

Posted from Negreira, Galicia, Spain.

I headed out to another beautiful day at about 8:15. The town was pretty quiet. The new way headed out of the main square.



It was amazing how quickly the town disappeared in this direction. At one point I could look back and see the cathedral.


Quickly I was in the woods once again. As I walked it was odd how quiet it was. I saw very few pilgrims and very few locals. Even in the towns it was silent. The highlight of the walk was an old stone bridge across a river near a small cascade.



I even found a chance for a selfie.


I arrived in the destination town about 1:30. I was first at the albergue. They had a washer/dryer do I washed all my clothes. Slowly over the next hours more people arrived. Probably 20 total for a place with 40 beds. They are a mix of people, none I know. A South African woman living in Australia, a Japanese couple, an Italian guy…

The albergue is nice. On the second floor with large doors opening into small balconies with nice views of the street.



There was a nice store so just bought some snack food and wine and sat on one if the balconies and watch the night fall while watching the slow activity on the street. Tomorrow is a longer day than normal, 32 km. then I should reach the coast.

2 thoughts on “Day 42 – Santiago to Negreira

  1. Did you know that 32 km is 19.88 miles? Just thought I’d point that out. Good selfie, it could become kind of a theme. Waiting patiently for my ocean photo.

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