Day 40/41 – Santiago

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Well it has been an amazing two days in Santiago. I was afraid I’d get bored but far from it. I went to the pilgrims mass at noon. It was crowded but I had a good seat. Toward the end they hoisted the botafumeiro. It was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. I actually got to see it two other times. I’d go again if I had the chance.


At the end of the mass I found Martin and Jane. I hadn’t seen them in two weeks. It was cool finding them again at the end of the camino. We arranged to meet for lunch. I met up with them and Cathy and Haley from Canada. We had pizza then spent a couple of hours at an outside bar having drinks (the life of a pilgrim).



Later we walked back into town. We all hugged and said our goodbyes since it was unlikely we’d cross paths again.

This morning I got up, had breakfast and went out to see the town. The weather has been fantastic. It is apparently very unusual to have such amazing weather this time of year. It is cool, clear and amazing blue skies. I went to the cathedral to do the things pilgrims do. First I visited the relics of Saint James in a crypt under the alter.


Then I climbed up behind the alter. There is a huge statue of Saint James and pilgrims can go and give him a hug, so I did.


As I walked around town I kept seeing pilgrims I’d crossed paths with. Miriam from Australia.


The Spanish ladies that stayed at a small albergue where we had a great conversation though they knew no English and we knew little Spanish.


I even saw Sheshawn my stalker. I was sitting in a pew during mass. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and she smiled and waved. I looked back a bit later and she was gone. How appropriate.

I had run into Helen and Lorain from Canada. We’d walk together often. Lorain had heard about a roof top tour of the cathedral so we agreed to go at 6:00. We met and if was terrific. The time has changed here so during the 1 hour tour the sun set and dusk grew. We walked around on the roof looking at the views and features. One of my favorite activities.




Afterward I took Lorain and Helen out for tapas. It was delicious.



We had 3 glasses of wine each, a bunch of amazing tapas and a creme brûlée. Total €44, unbelievable.

Well tomorrow it’s back to the life of a pilgrim for a little bit longer. My plan is to leave about 8:00 am. I’ll take 4 days to Muxia then 2 more to Finistere.

Thanks to everyone for the great wishes of congratulations. It’s been a blast and I’ll continue for a bit longer.

4 thoughts on “Day 40/41 – Santiago

  1. Congratulations! Been fun to read about your journey. But not quite as fun as actually doing it. Hoping to see some postings about your whistler trips. As a skier, I would love to hear about your progress in skills and what runs increased skills allows you to do. But I’m probably the only one.

  2. I am really glad the priests broke out the botafumeiro for all of you dedicated pilgrims! Hopefully there is an iMovie somewhere? Excellent photos of all your camino friends, and I must say, you are looking incredibly healthy, happy, and fit.

    Now off to the road less traveled, I will be interested to hear how the experience differs from the more traveled camino; types of pilgrims, availability of albergues, trail conditions. Off to see the ocean, have a good trip.

  3. Hi Steve, Is that really the best photo you have of me in Santiago, I mean come on !!! :) Roof top tour looks good, we´ll check that out. We took the bus tour to Muxia and Fisterra yesterday, hoped to see you en route, but no luck. Take care

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