Day 39 – O Pedrouzo to Santiago

Posted from Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

Most people in my albergue woke and left around 6:00 trying to get to Santiago for the noon pilgrims mass. I’ll wait and go tomorrow. As I got ready I thought last albergue of this camino, last loading of the back, last breakfast….
It was another nice walk in the morning. There were more pilgrims at the start headed for the final leg.


But soon I was alone in a wood path once again.


I walk slowly and stopped several times for coffee or a drink. At each stop I’d see a few people I knew. At one I came across Fiona. She is from South Africa living in New York.


We walked together for a bit. As we approached the city she stopped and went on to enter the city by myself. It was Saturday and many people were on the streets. Eventually I could see the cathedral in the distance.


Finally after walking into the old town I got to the square (it was surprisingly quiet). I sat in the shade to watch the activity and other pilgrims arrive.



After a while I had someone take my arrival photo.


With my pack on my back I headed to the pilgrim office for my final stamp and my compestella. 39 days, 800 km, 480 miles and a few blisters….I made it.


I got a room at an old monetary. It is an amazing building. My room is small and basic but it has a double bed, no one sleeping above me and towels!!! The little pleasures.


After showering and resting I headed out to see the old town. I talked to several pilgrims I knew. I think more will arrive tomorrow. As I walked the narrow streets I saw Marco and Claudia from San Marino. They had made it to Santiago!! They asked to buy me a drink. We sat at a cafe and chatted about the trip. Claudia said she cried when she arrived. They were very nice. I got a picture before they left. They gave me a big hug and said goodbye.


It was a special day. I’ll sleep well tonight.

One thought on “Day 39 – O Pedrouzo to Santiago

  1. I read today’s blog twice, studied your compestella, looked at all the pictures, maybe a tear came to my eye. Over. What will I do every morning at 10:00 am, waiting patiently for the daily posting?

    Ah, but this not about me. Congratulations, exclamations, hurrahs! An amazing journey, an outstanding blog, an excellent tale. Thanks for taking us along!

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