Day 34 – Fonfria to San Mamede

I hit the bar for breakfast and headed out at 8:30 as the day was getting light.


Like yesterday the vistas were great. It is much warmer and clear skies (unusual for this time of year). Autumn hasn’t come to Galicia yet it is still very green.


Today instead of taking pictures of what I was seeing I focused on looking for things to take pictures of, especially nature. Here is a series of those pictures.










Once again I have found a great Albergue. It is just off the path and looks like a small roadside hotel. There is s huge grassy yard, comfortable chairs to lounge in and a nice sitting area.


They even have birds singing in cages and pretty cats wandering about.


I sat in one of the comfortable chairs and had an evening beer.


It’s turning out that the communal dinners are the way to go. At a pilgrim dinner you get a choice of starter, main and desert. There may be 3 choice of each but none are great. At a communal dinner there are no choices but the offering is usually pretty good. Tonight was such a night. It was vegetarian. There was s great lentil soup (they even had a spicy salsa to add), a great quiche and wonderful salad. Desert was fruit (I pocketed mine for breakfast) and a great almond tart. Of course wine and bread. My most important Spanish phrase is “mas vino por favor”. They bring you wine to start but no more unless you ask. I ask!!

2 thoughts on “Day 34 – Fonfria to San Mamede

  1. Your iPhone is doing a great job taking photos. The macro shot of the mushrooms has amazing color and detail. As a general matter, I have been really impressed that you are creating these blog posts on an iPhone.

    I cannot believe that you are only a week away from Santiago, what an amazing journey. Sounds like you are on track to go to the “End of the World” after Santiago. Did you hear that Julia made a recent sojourn to the Pacific coast just to see the ocean? A powerful draw for us all.

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