Up, up and away

Posted from Holzhäusern, Canton of Zug, Switzerland.

Yesterday I mentioned that on Thursday I started the day with an adventure.  I had been seing paragliders soaring down from the cliff tops into the Lauterbrunnen valley since my first day here.  I couldn’t resist I had to do it.  I made arrangements for a tandem paragliding trip.  I met my pilot in Murren.  There were 5 pilots.  They each had a huge pack on their backs with the gear.  We headed up the hill.  At the launch site they spread out all of the sails, arranged the lines and outfitted us with our harnesses.  The harnesses actually contained the seat we would be sitting in once we got airborne.  We waited for a few minutes for the wind to come up the hill.  One by one we took off.  I was last.  The pilot told me to start running down the hill.  Were slow at first as the sail came off the ground and held us back. But then we ran faster until suddenly the ground was gone.  I was flying.  It was unlike anything I’ve done before.  Amazing. Here’s the video.