It only took 24 years

Posted from Lauterbrunnen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

In September of 1991 Matthew and I took our first journey to Europe. We met Kathleen and John in Zurich and spent a few days seeing Switzerland , Germany and France. Then we parted ways. They told us to go see Lauderbrunnen, a beautiful little village in an amazing valley. So we went. It was unforgettable. It made me want to see more of Europe and started my many travels there. It would be 23 years before I returned to that lovely valley. 

In July of 2014 Carolyn, Emily and I visited Lauterbrunnen again.  We drank pitchers of beer where the base jumpers hung out. We visited the Jungfraujock. We hiked the alps where we had lunch in a small village high in the mountains. It was Gimmelwald. At first sight I knew this was a place I wanted to spend time in. 

In September of 2015 I returned to Gimmelwald. Perched on the cliffs high above the Lauterbrunnen valley. No access by road only by hiking or cable car. I chose the cable car. Through airbnb I found a very old chalet. I was met at the station by Andreas the owner. He walked me up the hill to his home (actually weekend home). A very old chalet in the middle of heaven. He showed me his place. He told me of  hikes. He pointed out the names of the mountains. The next day he and his wife returned to Bern. Now I’m living in Gimmelwald. 24 years after my first visit. It is more beautiful than ever. 


View from behind the chalet  
 Looking down on Gimmelwald.