Time to go

Well it’s time to go home. It’s been 7 wonderful weeks. The route home is Auckland to Melbourbe (overnight stay at hotel), Melbourne to Sydney then Sydney to Dallas. 

The Auckland flight was good. I got there early and enjoyed and evening of snacks and wine in the lounge.  

I’d been hearing in the news that there was weather in Sydney. So this morning I woke up at 6:00 (there’d been a 2 hour time change from Auckland) so I got up and walked back to the airport for my 9:00 flight (I figured breakfast in the lounge!!). When I checked in the lady said she was putting me on the 7:30 flight because the weather in Sydney was still bad and it was best to get there as soon as possible. We took off about 30 minutes late and had the 1 hour flight. As we descended at the point where you can see the ground and they’ve lowered the gear the plane lurched forward and we went back up into the clouds. The turbulence was very intense. We circled and tried again with success. At landing the rain was pouring!!!!  I was glad to be here. I took a bus to change terminals and we went by my plane. A double decker. It’s huge.  

  The weather continued to be bad and the announcement said all flights were on hold. No problem. I headed to the lounge. Wow, very nice.  Including a gelato bar. 


  I sat back and read through the papers. They all were about the storms.  

The rain has slowed and they’ve  made an announcement that my flight should depart one hour late. Not bad. Time for gelato. 

I’ve looked around I don’t see any other people in the lounge with a backpack.  


Well they called my flight. 

A two story jet. Crazy. 

I’m coming home.