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The next morning it was raining again and there was a fog settled over the lake.   I decided to go on to the next small DOC lake campground not far away. I plotted out a few sites along the way.  First was a stop at Dorthy Falls. The water was really  pouring over the falls maybe due to the rain.     

Then drove on to the Hokitika gorge. It was a nice walk through the rain forest (in the rain) to a huge river with a nice swinging bridge crossing.   


It was time to return to Hokitik. Kathleen and John had told me about a good fish and chips place along the waterfront. It was a walk up place. You ordered them sat and waited. 


Finally they called my number and handed my a huge package wrapped in newspaper. 


I rushed back to my RV, drove a bit down the road, stopped along the waterfront and ate my delicious fish and chips while watching the waves crash on the beach. They were delicious, blue cod fillet and way to many wonderful chips.  

I drove on to Lake Mahinapua and found another great empty lakeside DOC campground. I couldn’t really see the lake through the mist.   

I took a hike through the rainforest that ended on the beach. These were very different beaches. The sands were less pretty, there were sand dunes and  the seas were much wilder.