Another cruise only smaller

Posted from Jacksons, West Coast, New Zealand.

Happy Easter!! 

The water taxi outing in Abel Tasman was so good I decided to recreate it today. There was a somewhat smaller taxi on this lake.   

While the other taxi claimed they didn’t need life jackets this one made the seven passengers wear them.   

And we were off to the other end of the lake. The hilarious captain let the two young boys onboard take turns driving. He kept telling them don’t go straight swerve. It didn’t seem like a good idea but I had my life jacket.   

When we got to the end of the lake there was a family of black swans.   

The boat unloaded six of the passengers and took off. 


I hiked further up the valley aways to a DOC hut for a trek that went by here. This is not one of the great treks like the Routeburn but one of many that exist. I’m very impressed by the hikes and huts that New Zealand has created throughout the country.   

This one was basic but it had beds, water, stove with firewood and an area for cooking. No one was there so I took a tour.     

Then I headed back down the lake on my four hour hike. The trail went down to the lake them up into the hills. It was a great hike.     

Once back I made my Easter dinner. Smoked chicken, mashed potatoes, salad and deviled eggs. Happy Easter!!