Onward to Nelson

It’s time to head north. I’ve been on the south end of the south island and will now fly north to rejoin Kathleen and John in Nelson. Luckily for me I  get to fly instead of the long drive that they took. My flight from Queenstown had a connection in Weelington, the Capitol. It was a small airport but very proud of the NZ connection to Lord of the Rings. The terminal had a huge sign saying Welcome to Middle Middle Earth.  Inside the terminal was a huge copy of Gollum diving for fish. 

And a giant eagle with Gandalf on its back. I took pictures to share with John.   

When I arrived in Nelson I walk to the house a very short distance since K&J were off having fun. When they arrived we walked 2 blocks to the ocean. The tides was out and there was a huge flats that went on and on. At high tide this would all be underwater.  


We walked along the beach as the sun set.  

We walked back to the house. It’s s very cute small house but nice with a very good outside patio area. John and Kathleen prepared s wonderful supper  of  lamb, potato, salad and mustard and mint dipping sauces.   

It was nice to be back with them and not just because they make wonderful dinners.