Cruises and Treks

It was a pretty good night. This morning everyone accused everyone else of snoring so I guess everyone was making noise. I splurged for breakfast had had a great breakfast sandwich and coffee. 

Today is the day I start the Routeburn Track so I have selected certain items to be sent on to Queenstown so I don’t have to carry them. I packed stuff in a box, tape it closed, wrote my name on it and left it at the desk with $30. I hope I see my box in Queenstown. 

We checked out of our room, a four bunk room we shared with a German. Kathleen and John were great sports staying in a shared room. 

We headed out for our first activity of the day. A cruise on Milford Sound. We  selected a small early morning voyage. It was a great decision.

It was a beautiful morning as we headed down Milford Sound. 

There were only 19 people on our cruise so it was easy to move about and check out the views from the various parts of the boat. Since it was a smaller  boat the captain went right up to shore to see the seals and waterfalls (a bit closer than John normally takes the Laysan). 

The views all along the way were gorgeous. I took lots of pictures. Here are a few. 

Afterward we headed up to the Routeburn Track to get me started on my trek. 

Kathkeen and John hiked with me as far as the first hut, my lodging for the night. 

The first hut was the Howden Hut. A smaller hut. There were only 19 people (capacity was 28). It was very rustic. A cooking eating area, running cold water, a wood stove, toilets and a bunk room. Primitive but better than sleeping outside.