The Kepler Track

Today we had a relaxing morning at out cottage enjoying the view. We feasted on the fresh baked bread and jam provided by our host. We decided we would trek along the Kepler Track one of nine Great Walks here in New Zealand. Our host, Dave, drove us up to the start and so we could walk back to the cottage. The hike started by crossing a river that was a scene from  the Lord of the Rings movies. 

The hike was in thick forest with views off to the fast moving river.  

The flora and fauna were beautiful as we journeyed on. 

It was a great hike. Very private and quiet. 

After about 4 hours we emerged at the Lake Te Anau where there were control gates at the entrance to the lake. 

We finished up by hiking home to enjoy a lovely sunset on our porch. 

Later  John grilled up some lamb chops the were amazing. 

We watch the rest of our movie and headed to bed. 

I am headed up toward Milford Sound tomorrow followed by a four day backpacking trip (The Routeburn Track). I will have no cell or wifi coverage so it will be a week before I am able to post again.