Tour of Timaru

Today was a day to see the small town of Timaru. A cute little town on the ocean. We spent the morning having coffee, reading guide books and enjoying the nice house that K&J have. At lunch we set out to see the town. First stop Caroliba Bay. There were nice board walks through the dunes and a small beach. 

After a nice stroll we had a picnic. 

Next up was the Timaru/Cantebury museum. A history of the town, how it got  started, the journey of the first English people in the 1800s. Well done and informative. 

We then headed home for a rest. Next up was a trip at sunset to see penguins swim ashore, walk up the beach and go hide in the rocks. We arrived about 20 minutes before sunset, enjoyed a walk along the jetty and watched the sunset. 

Then we waited for the arrival of the penguins and we waited and we waited. Finally after about an hour we gave up. We’ll try again another night starting a bit later. We headed back home for a great dinner of left overs. Then to bed early. Tomorrow is a road trip to the mountains and we must start early.