What happened to Thursday?

The flight to Auckland was long but not difficult. I left Honolulu on Wednesday afternoon, flew 9 hours, crossed the equator and the international date line and arrived in Auckland on Friday. The time changes are baffling. I use the World Click feature on my iPhone to see the time/date in other places but it is still confusing. Oh well. 

The flight was good. Eat, drink, movie, eat, drink. Not much to complain about. 

At arrival we were told to stay in our seats and prepare to be disinfected (I didn’t know I was infected). A guy came aboard, handed the flight attendants spray cans. They opened all the luggage compartments then walked up and down the aisles spraying into the air. Odd. 

I was first off, first through an easy passport check, first through customs and was out the door into a warm humid night. I walked about 20 minutes through the airport parking lots to my hotel. A very plain room but it was a great nights sleep. 

I had breakfast and headed back to the airport., domestic terminal this time. The nice lady checking me in commented on my height and moved me to an exit row with more leg room. NZ people seem very nice. 

Today I fly to Christchurch, take a bus into town, find another bus stop to catch a 2.5 hour bus to Timaru to connect with Kathkeen and John. 

it will be nice to meet up with locals!!!