Step Two

i had a very nice flight from San Francisco to Hawaii. Welcome aboard champagne and guava juice, nice breakfast, a movie and a snack. I had a two hour layover in Homolulu. It seemed odd to be here and not leave the airport. No Roundtop Dr. No Laysan. Oh well next time. I sat in the outside in the gardens and enjoyed the warm (I think it’s snowing in Arlington). I made my way to the gate and immediately boarded. First class has its own jet bridge so we don’t accidentally fraternize with the other class (this is how snobs are made). I was greeted onboard with a nice quilt, slippers, another cocktail, a toothbrush and a  travel kit (interesting combo).  This is a 9 hour flight and I arrive in Auckland at 10:30 pm. I’ll try to let everyone know that I arrive. 

One day down…two or three to go

And I’m off…..well at least a little way. Today was a nice flight to San Francisco and a night at an airport hotel. I have splurged and used miles for a first class trip to New Zealand. So I had a nice meal and some wine. The flight was uneventful. I took a walk down the streets of Milbrae  and found a good Thai restsurant. I went to bed early in anticipation of long day tomorrow.