Day 33 – Herrarias to Fonfria

Posted from Pedrafita do Cebreiro, Galicia, Spain.

I woke to the rustling today and figured it was 5:30. I checked my watch and it was 7:35!! Breakfast was 7:30 to 8:00, It was quiet in the room so I rushed down thinking I’d be first and there were already 3 people. I’d really been sleeping. It was a nice breakfast.

At 8:30 I headed out. As I went through town I heard chickens clucking in an old house. Since I sent Carolyn cat pictures yesterday I figured I’d send Phillip a chicken picture.


Today was a nice climb to O’Cebreiro. A 600 m climb. The entire walk today was on nice paths. The path was steep at times but the views were well worth it.


It was a very clear day and the views off in all directions was grand.



About half way up was the entry into Galicia the final region along the camino.


Finally at the top the wind picked up and it turned cool.


The little village of O’Cebreiro was cute. It had several traditional Galician huts with thatch roofs.


At the top the path continued pretty level through several villages but still magnificent views. I arrived in the small village of Fonfria. The albergue was very modern. It has a living room with a wall of windows out on to the mountains. The place isn’t very crowded most people have a bottom bunk and several bunks are empty. The Camino is certainly slowing down.




Tonight was a communal meal (defined as a meal with no options). It was very good. A traditional Galician soup (fresh vegetables), a dish of beef, mushrooms, peas, potatoes, a nice tart, good bread and lots of wine.


I’m back in the nice living room and there are 3 Canadian filmmakers that have been along the camino that are filming in the next room. They are either producing the next movie of the camino or are they are trying to pick up girls. I’m not sure which. Probably both.

I sat next to a South African woman at dinner tonight. She is some sort of writer based in New York. She was very well traveled and raved about New Zealand.

I’ve looked at my schedule and I think I’m one week from Santiago. Hard to believe. I’ll try to not think about the destination but focus on the remaining journey.