Day 27 – Villares de Orbigo to Santa Catalina

Posted from Astorga, Castile and León, Spain.

I woke up late (in my private wing). It was colder last night. I had my sleeping bag liner, fiberfill sleeping bag and a blanket. It was actually very nice.

We had a nice breakfast with some delicious Japan and I set off. As I left town I came to a an unusual pilgrim statue.


The day was nice and the path was on a trail. It was very pretty country.


After several km I came to a place with donativo juices and snacks. This hilarious guy was there. He said he did this for the pilgrims, to give back. Hd had no electricity no running water and slept there outside in a lean to. He said he had been doing it for five years after walking his first camino. He was amazing.


The trail continued on to outside of Astorga.


Asturga looked like a cool city. Lots of old churches, Roman ruins and even a building by Goudy.



However, today was a national holiday and everything was closed. My foot was bothered by a new heel blister so I kept moving. It was a late arrival (I was walking slow) at around 4:00. I rested, showered and went for a beer. At 7:00 I sat with a woman I knew from Toronto and we were joined by a French girl and an American living in New Zealand. I only had a salad mixta and wine tonight. The NZ girl was great and gave me ideas for a possible visit including her email so I could try to connect with her.

I’m pretty tired tonight so off to bed early. There are 20 people in the room tonight.

25.3 km
38511 steps