Day 24 – Leon to Leon

Posted from León, Castile and León, Spain.

Today was my rest day in Leon and I received a comment from Kathleen to be wary of temptations, I realize this is good advice but maybe received to late.

– I slept until 8:45, it was light outside when I woke up!!!


– I went to the buffet breakfast. A huge assortment of pastries, cheese, meat, yogurt, cereal. More than a pilgrim would normally see in a week.
– I got a massage. It was wonderful.


– I took a long hot bath….in a bathtub!!!
– I took a nap in a room by myself
– I went for a drink and got free tapas


– I had a nice bottle of cava


– I ate a wonderful cream filled desert


This pilgrim has indulged and bowed to temptation. I must leave Leon. I will head out in the morning (after one more buffet breakfast, I can’t resist). I estimate I will arrive in Santiago de Compostela in 15 days.

Today I also visited the cathedral in Leon. It was very beautiful. It was much different from the Burgos cathedral. It was far less ornate. High ceilings, simpler with great light through the stained glass windows





One more thing. My massage today was great. The masseur was David (a one man show). I told him I had pain in my right thigh. He focused on that area and really made a difference. At the end of the massage his said a prayer to give me strength to get to Santiago and when I got there to say a prayer for him. He told me the camino is divided into thirds St. Jean to Burgos was for initiation. Burgos to Leon is for introspection (the wide open meseta) and Leon to Finnestra for elevation (to reach for something). I’m looking forward to the next phase.