Day 23 – Mandilla de las Mulas to Leon

Posted from León, Castile and León, Spain.

It’ll be a shirt post today.

I headed out as usual after a nice breakfast of coffee con leche, zumo and tortilla. The sky looked overcast but I could see the full moon through the clouds. As I crossed the bridge leaving town I could see the old protective wall.


For the first time the walk was along the shoulder of a relatively busy highway. Not ideal but it didn’t last too long.


The day turned out to be very nice after yesterday’s rain. It was cool and crisp. The sky was partly cloudy and very blue. I spotted some cows behind some cat tails and an old house with mountains in the distance.



The city arrived. They do a good job of weaving the pilgrims around the highways as we enter even providing pilgrim bridges to cross over.


The path went through the city by apartments and stores. Eventually I crossed through an old wall and was in the old city. Pedestrian, old and very European. Really nice. I had booked a hotel and it’s within a block of the cathedral in the old city. It has wooden floors and old staircases, much like last nights albergue but tonight I sleep alone. I rested, wandered about, had some tapas and visited the cathedral.


As I walked back I saw a Texas boot store. I contemplated getting some but figured I didn’t need the extra weight.


Tomorrow I’ll tour the city. I may even splurge and get a massage.