Day 20 – Carrion de Los Condes to San Nichols de Real Camino

Posted from San Nicolás del Real Camino, Castilla y León, Spain.

Sorry trouble with photo tonight. I’ll try again in the morning. I’ll post what I have.

I have fewer pictures to post today. Not because it was less interesting but more because it was more similar. The countryside was again very impressive. Wide open vistas, trees, fields.


This morning it seemed that there were many pilgrims. I could look ahead and seem them along the path.

I had left at 7:45 in the cool morning air and felt very good about walking. I was hoping for a long day to get off the normal stage and connect with some different Pilgrims. Nothing really wrong with the current set but they seem to be predominantly American, a little loud and already connected in groups. It meant moving ahead of Martin and Jane whom I really enjoy but hopefully I’ll reconnect with them ahead.
I stopped for a snack at a picnic table and spoke with the girl from Hawaii. Bob from Florida came by and gave us find great pastries from the last town. I kept trucking along and slowly got ahead of the pack. After a crowded morning I didn’t see anyone for 3 hours. My feet were tired but I continued and got to San Nicholas. A very small village. The albergue was great. It was divided into 4 rooms of 3 bunks each but there were only 5 people staying here, 2 in my room.

I did the routine but as I hung my clothes it started to rain. I decided to go use the €5 dryer. There was a very comfortable couch so I sat and read and napped. At 6:00 I went and got a beer. When I came back there was a woman on the other couch. We started taking. Her name was Ish. She was from Turkey but lived in London. She gave me lots of ideas of things to do when I’m in London. At 7:30 we went down for dinner. We sat at one table a German couple sat at another and a young guy came in and joined us. He was from Toronto, has just gotten a degree in Philosophy, quit his job and was traveling. We had a great meal, delicious soup, fish, salad and a boiled seasoned potatoes. Followed by flan and of course wine. We sat and talked until 10:00 when the barkeep said it was closing time. It was a great evening.