Day 19 – Boadillas to Carrion de Los Condes

Posted from Carrión de los Condes, Castile and León, Spain.

I headed out around 7:45 (barely light) after getting a good cup of coffee. The first 6 km were along an old canal. I walked along thinking of the great French canal trip I had with Carolyn, Kathleen and John et al several years ago. These canals are no longer used for boating only irrigation.


Eventually I crossed the canals at an old lock. It was several licks down but the doors were no longer in place on the lower locks so the water just flowed by.



The landscape has changed once again. The land looks more fertile and is flatter with just small hills about. As I passed through more villages I saw more art dedicated to the pilgrims. I know I’ve posted several but they are each very unique and I really like them.



The way then followed the old canal channel. It was really pretty with the trees, cat tails and other plants.


The day was very cool. I walked in my long sleeve shirt the entire day….first time. I started thinking about colder weather and wondered about my hands with no gloves. At one point I passed a pilgrim that had socks on his hands, problem solved. I thought most of the pilgrims eyre overreacting to the cold. All bundled up, hoods drawn, socks on their hands, what will they do when it really get cold. I walked in shorts and my light long sleeve shirt, it felt great.

I stopped at the first albergue in Carrion de los Condes. It was a old mine start connected to a church. The hospitelero took great effort to show us where the key was hidden to open the door (in the window sill).


I was first to arrive and got a bottom bunk in the cheap €5 room. Really 2 connect rooms with about 10 bunks.


I walked around town, actually a nice modern village. I had s beer on the square sitting alone waving to peregrinos I knew. A fellow I had met in Orrision back on day 1 came up and talked with me. It was good to see one pf the first pilgrims I’d met and see he was doing well (he is 70 years old).

Jane had told me that there would be vespers in the connected church at 7:00 and that the nuns would sing. So I headed down. The church was very nice and the nuns sat at the back of the church. There were only a few pilgrims in attendance. They stared with prayers recited in unison and then went on to singing. It was beautiful. I use my back facing camera to take a picture (bad pilgrim).


I had offers for a peregrino meal but was looking for a change. So I found a bar that served pizza. On a Sunday night it wasn’t a particularly popular bar, just me and 2 others. I ordered my pizza and it was a actually Avery good (and spicy).


At the end of the meal I decided I wanted a 1/2 bottle of wine to take home so I got brave with my Spanish (using my translator app).

I threw out a “¿me puede vender la mitad de una botella de vino?” Without a blink he pulled out a bottle that was less than full, got another and filled it to half, corked it and set it in front of me. I said “Cuánto es” and he replied nueve. I said todos? He smiled and nodded. €9 for a good pizza, two glasses of wine and a half bottle to go. Amazing.

Word it were at the half way point to Santiago, it’s going really fast. .