Day 18 – Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino

Posted from Osornillo, Castile and León, Spain.

I slept great. 10:15 to 7:15. I think the Holland cyclist stayed quietly in bed until I woke up. I learned today not to skip an open bar with coffee in the morning. I did this and did not find another. Bad decision. However there was a nice sunrise.


The walk again today was very nice with great vistas in the distance.


The hike started by going up a large hill. At the top a young guy had coffee, fruit, juice..,, all set up on a table. The cost donativo. I got a cup of coffee in a plastic cup. Not the best but most appreciated. There are many nice sites along the route today including a shady picnic area full of pilgrims and an old bridge across a pretty river.



In a small village I came across Martin and Jane. I walked with them for 8km.


They were walking further so I said goodbye and went to find my albergue. This village looks like one from Mexico. Dusty, dry, empty, crumbling. But at the gates of the albergue an oasis. The owner is an artist with his work displayed everywhere.



I checked in, one of the first but was quickly followed by a large group of rather loud Americans (nice but loud). I gathered my things and moved to a room that was an old barn. Rows of bunks with a loft of single beds.


This place even had a pool , so I soaked my feet in the rather cold water.


Later I sat in the shaded patio and visited with several pilgrims.


Tonight is a pilgrim meal served on long tables. This town has nothing else so everyone should be there.

The meal was pretty good. Garlic soup, fish, creme carmel and wine. I sat with a woman from San Francisco waiting on the results of her bar, and women from Holland, Australia and England. They talked a lot about their aches and pains. A common conversation topic.

And like the start of the day a nice sunset.


19.2 km
36298 steps