Day 15 Burgos to Burgos

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Today was a rest day. I stayed in the small albergue above a church and the young peregrinos started studying about 6:00. I stayed in bed until 7:30 and left at 8:00. The hospitelero played his guitar and sang as we got ready for bed. I took this picture because it shows life in the albergue. As he sings the young guy takes off his pants to go to bed. On the camino modesty is out the window.


This morning I did a coffee con leche crawl from place to place waiting until 11:00 when I could check into my hotel. A very nice place on the pedestrian way with a view over the street.


Once I got in I immediately took a bath and soaked my body and feet. It was wonderful. Once done I did the routine that included washing my clothes in the tub. I then hung them all around the room to dry.

My big event for the day was visiting the cathedral. I’ve seen many cathedrals around Europe but this was the most grand. It was overwhelming. Each chapel was like an entire church, and there were 10 or 20 chapels. I especially liked the ornate domes in each chapel.




I also really enjoyed the cloister. They had wonderful ceilings and beautiful stained glass.




Afterward I walked up to the castle (not very impressive) above the town for a nice view.


Tonight I met Martin and Jane again for wine and tapas. I had a great chorizo dish and some calamari. Delicious. Well enough of the high life back to walking tomorrow. This is the start of the meseta. This is the high plateau that goes on for days. I imagine it like west Texas or New Mexico. Lots of wide open spaces. Many people don’t like it but I’m looking forward to it. My feet are rested and I’m ready to find the way. Buen Camino.