Day 14 Atapuerca to Burgos

Posted from Burgos, Castile and León, Spain.

I got up this morning with no food in the pack and no breakfast at the albergue…..poor planning. However, the small tienda was open and I got a fresh zumo, coffee con leche and tortilla. Quiet good and the energy I needed. As I left town there was another nice art piece representing the camino. It’s really nice how many of these there are along the way.


The trail climbed up through nice rolling hills as them ironing light grew. I often look for the “alternate” less traveled paths and there was one today. It went through rolling pastures and fields. At one point I startled two deer that seemed cry panicked and ran with no cover off into the distance.


The path into the city was long but I followed 2 Spanish and 2 French pilgrims and found since path along a river that was shaded. The city is very big and it was disorienting to try an find my way. I found the small albergue (the municipal one is very large) that has only 16 beds and is located above an old church. This is definitely a younger crowd but I notice they seem as tired as me and take longer naps in the afternoon.


I went out for lunch and succumbed to the desire for a hamburger. Trying to keep it somewhat local I ordered the Eaplanola good but not a Texas burger.


I went to the cathedral which looks amazing. I will visit it tomorrow.


I found a great little street packed with amazing tapas bars. In the first one I found the lady from Zimbabwe, 2 Australians and the most obnoxious American from NY (born in Tulsa). After a very good tapa and wine I moved on to the next place (and to get away from the American). My new good friends Martin and Jane were there. These tapas were outstanding. I had a couple of glasses of wine and a great salmon tapa and a seafood stuffed pepper. Dinner!!!!

I have decided to get a hotel room tomorrow and check out more of Burgos (and rest my tired feet). I’ll visit the cathedral, castle and tapas bar.

As we’re getting ready for lights out (10:30, really late) the hospitelero sang great Spanish songs.