Travel Day

Well the day of travel went well it was just long. I had an airplane seat with much leg room and I practiced being conversational by taking to the woman next to me (something I don’t usually do). She was in her 60s, retired from JC Penny and traveling with her husband whom she didn’t want to sit with (curious). They were on the way to Burgundy to bicycle through the vineyards for 10 days. Sounded fun (though potentially dangerous).
After landing I took a train into Paris and enjoy a beautiful Paris day with lunch In a nearby park I knew about. At noon all the office workers came out into the park to enjoy the sun. Sind even stripped to their underwear for sunbathing. That’s something you don’t see at home.
I then boarded a train for a rather long, 5 hour train trip to Bayonne. I arrived about 8 and walked across the street to my hotel.


I checked into my teeny tiny room and took a shower (it was upstairs not in the room).


I then headed out on the town. Okay in reality it is a rather small town and pretty quiet. I walked a bit then went for my dinner. The waiter had no English so I ordered from the menu board the item that had the most words I recognized (Assietta Gaiska). It worked I had a delicious dinner of steak, with sautéed tomatoes and onions, a fried egg, salad and fries.


I was surprised today that I didn’t see any other peregrino (pilgrims). Bayonne is the town where you catch the train to St. Jean the start of the camino. Maybe I don’t know what a peregrino looks like.
I’m pretty tired so I’m hoping for a good nights sleep.