Ch√Ętillon-sur-Seine and Fontennay

Today we again enjoyed coffee before heading out around 10:00. Our destination was Ch√Ętillon-sur-Seine about 50 minutes away. It was a nice drive through the rolling French countryside. The town was larger than expected and we drove about a bit before finding the museum that contained the Vix treasures (google for additional information). At 12:00 they kicked us out of the museum (in the smaller French towns they enjoy a 2 hour respite each day). We then went and found where springs fed water into the Seine.


Afterward we found a small boulangerie and got some quiche and sandwiches. We ate in the park then walked through the old town up to a 1600’s fortificatio that was converted into a cemetery with great views over the town.


We then headed to the Fontenay Abbey. This was a favorite of me and Carolyn from the last trip. It is a beautiful Abby, with wonderful gardens. We enjoyed the sites and even had a little fun.




After heading back home we enjoyed appies on the patio.


Afterward we recreated a local delicacy, Steak Epoisses made with the worlds stinkiest cheese. We ate it all though the reviews were somewhat mixed.



Another great day.